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Working together
The following benefits are offered to organizations registered in any of the Reentry Networks. For more information, click here
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Visitors can find the services they need and organizations can find each other
Websites Websites
  • Professional Website
  • Affordable Prices
  • Free Design Hours
  • Fast and Reliable
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  • Free
  • Hundreds of merchants
  • Easy set-up
  • No work/maintenance
Assisted Technology Program Assisted Technology Program

Technology restructuring assistance to help organizations reduce cost and maintain service capacity.

Resource Directory


It is impossible for one organization or government agency to create and maintain a current directory of all the reentry resources in every community and state.  

But, it is possible if we work together.  This directory is a network of many directories developed and maintained by people like you in Reentry Networks and Reentry Initiatives. 

Organizations in the directory use a Password to access and update their information 24x7.  Organizations introduce and register other organizations.  

Reentry is like a directory - no one organization or government agency can do it alone.  Every organization is important and we must work together. 

The directories in the Reentry Networks and Reentry Initiatives that aggregate together begin the process of working together.   We invite you to add your organization.

Organizations in the directory can flag the services they provide. Visitors are able to search based on these services, a location, or keywords.  From the results list, the organization's profile can be opened to show more details and the information or a map can be printed.

Please Contact Us if there is a service you would like us to add.

Reentry Networks

Access the National Resource Directory.

Access resources in your state and community below.

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