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Working together
The following benefits are offered to organizations registered in any of the Reentry Networks. For more information, click here
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Visitors can find the services they need and organizations can find each other
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Assisted Technology Program Assisted Technology Program

Technology restructuring assistance to help organizations reduce cost and maintain service capacity.

Reduce Cost - Increase Funding - Achieve More

Restorative Justice Community is a collaborative effort with a mission to build the capacity and sustainability of organizations, initiatives, and networks that work in offender reentry.   We achieve this in two ways:

1. We provide the technology framework for Reentry Networks and deliver tools and services through them.

See right column Click the + next to your state to view the Reentry Networks in the state, access resources, register your organization, or connect with the sponsor(s).

Contact Us if you are interested in sponsoring a Reentry Network in your state or community.

2. We offer benefits to the organizations registered in Reentry Networks. These benefits are tools or services which Reduce Cost, Increase Funding or help organizations Achieve More.

See left columnClick the Service you are interested in to learn more.  We will be adding more services.

Contact Us if you provide a service for reentry and would like to partner.

There must be reinvestment in organizations that exhaust their resources serving others.  We bring partners together to provide tangible benefits to these organizations.

Restorative Justice Community is not an association and does not organize or direct reentry initiatives, engage in research, identify best practices, or educate, but we learn from those that do.  We strengthen your reentry initiatives through the framework of the Reentry Networks and the Benefits to participating organizations.

We welcome your participation, assistance, and support.

Reentry Networks

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